Answers to some frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find the answers to some common questions. Of course, feel free to call us to ask about your reservation or a destination you are interested in. The Collette team likes nothing more than helping guests just like you.
  • What is not included in the tour price?

    The land price does not include air travel, airline fees, airport or departure taxes, transfers, visas, customary end of trip gratuities for your tour manager, driver, local guides, hotel housekeepers, cruise ship waitstaff, and any incidental charges.

  • Can Collette make our airline reservations?

    Collette is happy to assist you in accommodating your flight needs. Due to tour scheduling and limited availability you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of Collette's air packages. We are not responsible for air arrangements you have made on your own. On occasion, it is necessary to change tour dates. In this case, we can only protect air reservations booked through Collette. For all air reservations, it is strongly recommended to reconfirm flights before departure, in the event that the airline has an unexpected schedule change. We cannot assume responsibility for schedule changes, route alterations or flight cancellations involving the airlines.

  • Do I need a Passport?

    A valid Passport is required for trips outside the USA. We strongly recommend that you have a valid passport (with six month validity) for all travel outside the United States. You are strongly urged to contact the appropriate consulate for additional details.

  • What is the difference between a twin room and a double room?

    A double room is designed to accommodate two people, but may not have two separate beds. A twin bedded room has two separate beds of any size, and is the type most commonly utilized.

  • Are airport and hotel transfers available?

    Roundtrip airport-to-hotel transfers are provided FREE for all passengers who purchase airfare through Collette. These transfers are available on the first and last day of the tour and do not apply to pre and post night stays.

  • Do you rotate seats on tours?

    Seats are rotated onboard the coach for all Collette tours under the direction of the tour manager. So that we do not show partiality among passengers, exceptions cannot be made.

  • What size is a triple room?

    A triple room is the same size as a twin bedded room and beds will accommodate three people, but we cannot guarantee that there will be three separate beds. If there are only two beds, a rollaway may be requested but cannot be guaranteed due to size of room and fire codes.

  • Can I extend my tour to see more of a region?

    Yes! You may enhance your tour with either an extension – offered on select tours – or by purchasing pre/post hotel stays.

  • Would my tour date ever be changed?

    Collette reserves the right to cancel any tour prior to departure for any reason. Should this happen, Collette will make every effort to put you on another departure date. If an alternate cannot be found, a full refund will be made. Air booked through Collette will be protected. We cannot be held responsible for other air arrangements.

    Should you decide to change your reservation after initial booking, a $25 handling fee will be charged for any alteration made to a reservation (including name changes). Revisions to air tickets are subject to the rules and regulations of the airline, and fare type purchased and rates vary. A change of tour date or tour itinerary within the guidelines of the cancellation policy will be treated as a cancellation and regular cancellation fees may apply. 

    See Cancellation Policy.

  • Where do I meet my tour manager?

    Your tour will begin at your first hotel. The tour manager will make contact with you at the hotel and will provide details relating to your tour. The hotel address and phone number will be included in your documents.

  • How can I be best prepared for the pacing and physical requirements on a Collette tour?

    Tour pacing varies by itinerary, as each destination and its sightseeing and activities are unique. Pacing is often subject to personal interpretation, however at Collette we do include the best a destination has to offer, enhancing your overall tour experience. For overnight pacing of a tour, please refer to the "Your Itinerary" section on each tour page. This describes the number of nights you will stay in each hotel during your tour. The day-by-day descriptions will provide additional detail about the number of activities included in each day. Some of the most unique sightseeing can mean accessing locations that restrict motorcoaches, especially in historic areas. For your comfort, we recommend packing walking shoes so you fully enjoy every aspect of your vacation.

  • What is the Travel Protection Plan?

    If something happens on tour, or if you need to cancel for some reason before your trip departs, you’ll get a full refund. Our philosophy: it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

    What do you need to know about Collette’s Travel Protection Plan?

    If you need to cancel for any reason right up until the day prior to departure, you’ll get a full refund (less the cost of the plan). Plus, you are covered on tour. If you have to stop your trip or return home early, need medical assistance or evacuation, suffer a baggage loss or delay, or are delayed on tour for 12 hours or more, you are covered. It’s the kind of peace of mind you cannot put a price tag on.