It’s like traveling with a trusted friend

Part tour guide, part confidant, part concierge, and part friend, Collette’s professional Tour Managers are with you throughout your travel experience. Drawing on their own rich backgrounds and extensive training, they enhance each journey. Whether it’s with a bit of historical information, suggesting a special local restaurant or sharing a laugh, Collette’s Tour Managers are at your service.
10 years with Collette
Why Collette?
"I like seeing the world with our travelers. It is fun for us to compare the differences between what we are seeing on tour to what they are used to and to make the link between where they are from and the country we are visiting."
25 years with Collette
Why Collette?

“For me it is about seeing people fulfill their lifelong dreams. Sleeping in a castle in Ireland, dining on a Sydney Harbour Cruise, and having a traditional BBQ dinner in the Outback of Australia under the stars.”

20 years with Collette
Why Collette?
"Even after 20 years I still love to see the excitement and sparkle in people’s eyes! It could be something small but it’s a moment that changes their lives. Seeing them as excited as we are is so rewarding."
13 years with Collette
Why Collette?
"I love the camaraderie and joy of travel. On every tour, I have the great pleasure of experiencing the world’s most amazing cultures and wonders with a group of my closest friends!"